Tails-a-Waggin 4U has many convenient services to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Initial Consultation Visit – Free

The Tails-a-Waggin 4U owner, Peggy Corey will meet with you in your home to become familiar with you and your pet. At this time we will review all services and appropriate paper work.

Dog runningDaily Dog Walking

Does your dog get lonely during the day while you are at work? Are you giving your dog the exercise they need? Many people have come to understand that their dog needs more exercise than they can provide. A walk is a great way to break up the day’s boredom and allow for elimination.

Dog Running Service

One of our most popular services is our Dog Running Service.  Whether its once or twice a week your dog will crave the exercise we provide with our Dog Running Service.  Tails-a-Waggin 4U offers  specialized dog care with a creative customized running and exercise program. Most dogs need more vigorous exercise in order to reach a calm relaxed state. Exercising our canine friends helps burn energy and leads to an overall happier life.  One of our experienced distance runners will create a  jogging program to fit your dogs specific exercise needs.   Running sessions do vary by dog and are normally between 1 to 3 miles in length.  We are glad to offer longer running sessions for more active dogs.   Please call us today so we can talk with you about running with your dog.

Tails-a-Waggin 4U starts your dog off slowly to let their body gradually adjust to the pace of a run. We carry water and run dogs individually.

Some of the benefits of using a Tails-a-Waggin 4U runner are:

• Makes dogs happier
• Makes dogs healthier
• Great for overweight dogs
• Necessary for sporting dogs
• Calms aggressive dogs
• Any dog breed can run

Kitten CareIn Home Cat Care

Does your cat need some tender love and care while you are on vacation or out of town? Let Tails-a-Waggin 4U come to the rescue!

In home cat care includes the following services:

• feed and change water
• clean litter box
• playing with your furry friend
• Lots of TLC
• Plant watering
• Trash removal
• Mail and newspaper pickup

pet taxi

Pet Taxi

Tails-a-Waggin 4U provides transportation services to veterinarian visits or pet grooming appointments.

Pet Boarding

We do NOT offer Pet Boarding Services.  At Tails-a-Waggin 4u we believe that a pet is much more comfortable and happy in their own home.  Boarding your dog or cat can be a traumatic experience.  We offer a variety of pet sitting services so you wont need to go through the stress of boarding your pet.  We will make sure that your pet is safe, comfortable and taken care of (in your home) when you are away for an extended period of time. Please call us today so we can talk with you about our pet sitting services.

If you have any questions please call me at 847-710-1866. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Serving the Northwest Suburbs of Buffalo Grove,Illinois , Long Grove,Illinois , Wheeling,Illinois , Riverwoods,Illinois , Palatine,Illinois , Lincolnshire,Illinois , Arlington Heights,Illinois , Kildeer,Illinois , Prairie View,Illinois , and Deer Park,Illinois.

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